My Life After Running Away

My Life After Running Away

I ran away from my parents when I was young. I was so selfish back then and I do not know what I was doing. I was so engrossed with myself and my dreams of being a performer in the city that I have to admit I forgot when I came from.

Someone said I could make a living in the United States as a performer. He promised I can sing in a diner and have a full time job as an office staff during the day. However, when I came in the United States, he was gone.

I came here in South Hampton with nothing. I worked day and night to make ends meet and to have something for myself. I was living a boring and miserable life because I do not have any penny and even savings to go back to Europe and start again.

But when I met my husband Robin, he showed me how to a better woman. Now, I am a mother and I want to impart on them that they should not turn their back to where they came from. I have also launched my small business website recently and I thank everyone for all the support and love they showed me. I also had been in touch with Dave Jenkins, a property realtor as I will now be buying my own property too.  I was thinking that after the meeting, I will give my present to him so he will be surprised!God is really good!

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