Stunning Innovation by Unu Motors

Stunning Innovation by Unu Motors

Have you heard of the KERS? It is the short term for Kinetic Energy Recovery System. Unu Motors from The Netherlands is using this system to innovate their electric scooter products.

The company has been gaining popularity among city dwellers for its elektrische scooter innovation. To start off, the KERS means that once a user brakes, the braking energy is stored and fed back up in the battery, making the battery last longer.  This makes every electric scooter of Unu Motors efficient and helpful.

Unu Motors are powered by electricity. They are being used by city drivers to prevent getting stuck, to save more money, and to save the environment for its eco-friendly features that are not present on other competitors.

Aside from this, Unu Motors is really your buddy on the road. No need to be stuck in traffic which can really affect your productivity. Just navigate on smaller streets and take you Unu Motors with you. Do not worry about safety as the company ensures that you will insurance, as well as it comes with a free helmet just right for your size. No need to worry also for your height or your weight as the vehicles welcomes just any height and weight.


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