Pretty cool camera filters

With the people I follow, I am constantly inspired by their photography and their work. And I think that is amazing. I’m so impressed with these apps that allow for people to post, share, and even make money off of amateur photography, what an amazing world we live in today, so filled with all sorts of interesting opportunities. So far beyond just some photo filter, editing app– honestly, on this one, you can look at all sorts of things. There are missions, in which you should take photos and submit photos that abide by a specific prompt. You can add friends and look at the photos that they’re taking, and have a constantly inspiring set of photos to be looking at, which is amazing, fresh new images all the time, I think it’s pretty cool. I think it is amazing that I can post all of my photos, have them submitted for possible sale, have them judged by peers– and honestly too. Like, there’s nobody who’s going to follow me or like my pictures if they don’t actually like my pictures. It’s in it’s a way of experiencing critique in a way that professional communities don’t allow you to. A lot of the time, there are so many social dynamics Supply, that you never actually get any honest feedback on your work, unless you have one or two rare, great friends In the community who you can trust to do that for you. I don’t even know what else to say about this. I love the photo filters that this app has, and I love everything else about it. I love the way that photos are shared in the way that people review each other, and the way that you can scan other people’s and look under specific prompts. Things like that.

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