Timepiece for a lifetime

I am digging my watch ever! This was given to me by my mother who is also fond of having watching. Well, it has been quite a long time since I have a new watch. The watch I am nusing was the one I used since college and it kind look a little worn out already. I remember when my mother gave me my first leather watch and I was so excited to use it to school. Now that she has given me this wood watch, I can not help but also be excited as I wear this to work two weeks from now. As you know I will start my new job as an HR officer of a high-end company and I am sure I will make a great impression with my watch. Anyway, my mother told me she got this in an online shop, which she says they are selling the best wooden watches ever in the entire web. Well, after checking it out myseld, I can definitely she is super right on this one! Well, my mother has not made any mistakes in terms of buying something for herself or for the whole family, especially if it involves about clothes and fashion.

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