What the Deficit Means to Me

Both the Republicans and Democrats remind me of ‘Pro Wrestling’, Two FOOLS pumped up on Steroids who stand and scream and yell at each other, put each other down, make fun of each other until the time comes for them to get into the ring. Once in the Ring, they Play Fight to the anger and enjoyment of the crowd until they feel they have dragged it out long enough and then one comes out the WINNER and talks bad about the loser.

As soon as the camera is off them and no one is looking, they pat each other on the back and go to their dressing rooms to count their CASH that all the gullible people had given them. The Obama administration is trying to scare people. He ultimately decides what gets paid with the income we receive each month. That’s means he can decided that SS/CMS or  DNN .net CMS, and people serving gets paid. If those don’t get paid, that is solely his fault as we have the income to make those payments and it’s strictly his decision. He can also decide on whether or not to pay the interest payment so we don’t default.
Not raising the limit simply means that most of the government will shutdown. If we go into default, well, that’s his choice. The only risk is him deciding not to pay the interest payment, not that we don’t have the money be able to make it. What does raising the deficit mean to me??? Well the way I look at it is like this: I don’t have enough money to pay my Visa card, so I get an advance on my Master Card, Next month it is just the opposite, I use my Visa Card to pay my Master Card, I keep doing this and it seems to going along just fine, (Although I am not paying down ANY of the Principal on EITHER of these cards.NOW… Master Card has said that I can no long take cash advances and I have reached the limit of what I can Borrow… What do I do now; I don’t have enough funds to pay either Visa or Master Card.
I call the Cable Company and have them turn it off for I can SURVIVE without it, well now I can pay Visa but what about Master Card… I have to find something else I can live without and cut that out, I keep cutting until I can pay my bills and still Survive. No more gas money for the kids, (They can earn their own or Walk), don’t pay the kid down the street to mow the lawn, mow it myself.I know it sounds simple, but that is the problem… It IS. The hard part about is that the Dirt Bags in Washington are so deep and Dirty with Promises that they have been PAID for, that none of them can cut a program or a free hand out for fear of being exposed.
One thing I know for sure is that 50% of my neighbors are on social security. If they do not get their payment next month, (money that they worked and paid into the system) we will have many starving seniors with no lights, water, or gas. Now Obama, Congress, and the senate put that in your pipes and smoke it. Take care of your American voters before anyone

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