JBL on Stage iPod Docking Station Gets My Vote!


The JBL On Stage iPod docking station is quite compact yet has an incredible sound. I have been extremely pleased with this product. There are three specific features that I like about this particular iPod docking system: great quality sound, very portable for travel and easy-to-use volume controls.

First of all, the quality of sound for this product is excellent. When I plug in my iPod, I get a large stereo sound from the small speakers. I can crank up the volume and there is absolutely no crackling or fuzziness whatsoever. It is great to be able to listen to music or a podcast without earphones. I can leave the room for a minute and not miss anything. I have even used it outside and the sound is just as good. The circular design of the speakers with  immersive sound seems to be a great feature.

This iPod docking station is very compact and lightweight making it easy to take with you no matter where you go. My JBL On Stage has been to the lake condo, the backyard, the garage, every room in my house, and even Jamaica! Yes, that’s right, we took it with us on our vacation this year and it was fantastic to have great music in our hotel room. It travels well and doesn’t need a passport.

With just a quick tap, you can control the up and down volume buttons. In addition, there is a power button, but that is all you will find on this product making it very easy for anyone to use. No hidden buttons located where you can’t find them or buttons that do things you can’t figure out. We purchased a second JBL On Stage for my father as a gift and he has enjoyed it and has not even called us once for help!

Once your iPod is docked, you control it just like you would normally. I love the fact that my husband’s iPod and my iPod nano can both dock on the JBL On Stage. Adaptor sleeves are included to fit most iPod models except the iPod shuffle which does not work with this product. Your iPod will also charge as you jam out to music or listen to your favorite podcast. You can purchase this portable docking speaker system or the micro version for $80-$125 at several online retailers such as amazon.com, buy.com, and bestbuy.com and many local retailers such as Target, Best Buy, and several other electronic stores.

The JBL On Stage iPod docking station is sure to rock your world!

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