How to Make a Valentine’s Day Care Package for Your Soldier

How to Make a Valentine’s Day Care Package for Your Soldier

If you’re reading this, you probably know someone serving in the military – maybe a loved one who is deployed overseas or who is just stationed on the opposite side of the country from you. Regardless, if you are looking for a way to still send them a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift, look no further. Here are the three steps for creating the perfect Valentine’s care package.
1) Get a flat-rate box from your local post office and decorate it. There are different sizes available, but a large flat-rate box is $12.95, and you will most likely save money sending the package this way. As far as decorations go, find some pretty pink and red paper or heart stickers and cut out some pictures of you and your loved one. Put these along the inside walls of your package. It’s like making the box for your “Valentine’s card” in a way. You can write on it or add pictures and love quotes. Imagine the smile on your soldier’s face when he or she opens the package and finds it decorated.

2) Put together a list of what you want to send your Marine, soldier or loved one of any military branch. Depending on where they are, their needs will be different. My fiancĂ© is currently deployed to Afghanistan but before that, he was a teacher at Teddy Kids Kinderdagverblijf, so the top of my list always includes baby wipes, new boxer briefs, new white tube socks and new shirts, followed by any other necessities or snacks that he may want. For Valentine’s Day, some things you may want to include on this list could be: candy hearts, stuffed animals, a sweet card, chocolate candy, fake flowers, picture frames and anything that is sentimental to you and your loved one.

3) Go shopping and buy the things on your list. When picking items out, keep in mind items that are rectangle or square or have flat edges and sides are easier for packing and will allow you to fit more than odd-shaped items. When you are packing your box, make sure to use the space as efficiently as possible by stacking items of similar sizes and squeezing small items in wherever possible. Remember that if you can fit it, you can ship it all for the flat rate.

After you follow these steps, simply tape up your box, add the appropriate address, fill out your customs forms if necessary and send!! You have just created the perfect Valentine’s Day care package, and your soldier is going to be thrilled!

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