Lulu DK Matouk Bedding: Luxury Bedding by Lulu De Kwaitkolwski and John Matouk

Lulu DK Matouk Bedding: Luxury Bedding by Lulu De Kwaitkolwski and John Matouk


Lulu DK Matouk Bedding is the kind of luxury bedding most people dream about retiring on at the end of a day. In fact the beautiful bedding is in fact a dream come true. The new oppulent line of luxury linen was created as a result of a collaboration between two great minds. John Matouk and Lulu de Kwaitkowski have created lxurious Egyptian cotton, designed for total comfort and beauty.
There is nothing like new linen to create an entirely different feel of ambiance and sophistication in ones bedroom. Made of totally luxurious 500-thread count Egyptian cotton percale, the new line of sheets, shams, coverlets, and duvets combine Lulu de Kwaitkowski with gorgeous original prints by John Matouk’s legendary linens. All of the designs are rich and vibrant with a luscuious combination of flowers, motifs, fish, bamboo and more.

Lulu DK Matouk Bedding is the epitome of luxury bedding from the gorgeous original designs to the softness of the sheets. For more information on Lulu DK Matouk Bedding visit the Web site online. Lulu DK Matouk Bedding is also available at Gracious Home’s online store and Pioneer Linens. Other southern California retailers that carry the luxury line of Lulu DK Matou Bedding include Between the Sheets, Everett Stunz, Sue Fisher King, Calypso Home, Scheuer, Misto Lino and others.

The Lulu DK Matouk Bedding has distinct patterns indicative of their style. Selections include Marlin, Helpburn, Oasis, Poppy, Tulah, Poppy, Madison, Tiger Lily, Kent, Paradiso and River. Some of the unique patterns are designed to work together. Prices for the Lulu Dk Matouk collections vary depending on selection. Examples includethe following.

Tulah pillowcases begin at $59.00 up to $275.00 for a king flat sheet. The Paradiso pattern is a popular and beautiful pattern. Made with an ocean blue background ith a nature inspired theme of flowers, leaves, and blue birds, the Paradiso collection creates a tropical effect indoors. Another excellent pattern that is practical but not as busy for someone who prefers a quieter pattern, is the Oasis pattern. Also made of Egyptian cotton, the sheet is white with a wheat colored contrasing sateen scallopo applique band, which gives it a look of organization and balance. Oasis by Lulu DK Matouk is also available in white with a band in colors such as Ocean, Blue, Honeydew, Red, Navy, and Chocolate.

If luxury bedding is one of your indulgences, this particular line is a great choice with an excellent threadcount and is reasonably priced. For information on the luxurious Lulu DKMatouk bedding visit the Web site for Lulusdkmatouk. The linen may also be purchased at Pioneer Linens and Gracious Home.

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