Best Blackberry Apps for Web Designers

Best Blackberry Apps for Web Designers

If you’re a web designer, chances are you’ll want the ability to check on your work on the go. The great thing is there are a ton of handy apps for your blackberry that will allow you to do this, or at least simplify the process. Here are six of the best blackberry apps for web designers, which will help you with everything from designing, to uploading files to managing your projects.

This is a basic photo sharing application which includes FTP and Wi-Fi connections with which to use your photos. This software has an unobtrusive ad placed at the top of the screen and is simple to use. It can connect to a lot of FTP servers but this connection is not a secure FTP. The app is free. You may find some legit  web hosting Canada reviews to know more about the app.

Mobile Files

This free version of the MobileFiles Pro application allows connection to the Apple MobileMe account. This enables you to access the files stored on you MobileMe account for your iPhone. With this app you can read the files on the iPhone when you are not connected to the MobileMe account as well.


This is an application which enables you to compare the colors in a scheme by enabling the addition of them to your palette and reviewing. This app will automatically convert the colors in hex, RGB or even CoreGraphics formatting. With this app you are only able to input colors through RGB therefore knowing the RGB numbers is vital. The sliders can be unresponsive on occasion causing trouble with the setting of color values. This can be frustrating. This app for the iPhone is free.

Palletes Lite

This free version to the paid application Palettes allows the creation of a color scheme through the use of a color wheel, sliders, photos or color codes. The app can then suggest a color scheme based on the complementary colors available on the color wheel. This app can also blend colors to create another palette.

You are able to connect with Color Lovers online and browse the palettes that they have created. Here you can import the ones that you like and adjust them to suit you with the mixing and blending tools. This app is free with some limitations included such as the ability to save only 3 palettes and each palette can only contain 5 colors. There are a few other limitations as well.

Easy TimeSheet Lite

This app is the free version to Easy TimeSheet. Here you can keep track of the time spent on a project and this will encompass the rate charged per hour and any information on the project. With this lite version of the app you cannot email the time cards but only keep track of one project at a time.

Stream TimeThis is an iPhone time tracker that has interconnectivity with the Streamtime time server. This is ideal for companies that utilize the Streamtime server or which are interested in the server. The cost of the use of the Streamtime server can however be restrictive for small businesses. This app is free.

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